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Alain Whyte Fazine #6 and a chance to win a FREE CD! [Jun. 8th, 2006|06:26 pm]
Morrissey Media
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Want to know how to get a free CD from WG? It's easy! Everyone who gets this issue of the latest Alzine will have their name put into a drawing to win a copy of the limited edition Red Lightning EP.

Later on in the month, after everyone has got their latest Alzine I will draw a name, and if it is yours, I will mail you your copy of the EP. Sound good? Then get your Alain Whyte Fanzine Issue No. 6 today!

Included in this issue are the following articles:

"The Rarely-Played Symphonies: Ten of Alain Whyte's Most Underrated Morrissey Compositions" by Jamie Ewing

Gig and Candid Photos

"Guitar Legent?" by Matthew Speight

Artwork by Phig

Comic by Evelyn Lucas


Get Yours Today HERE!

Remember No One Can Hold A Candle To Alain Whyte!